PSI's Reliability Engineering Clients.
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The following is a partial list of clients for which PSI has performed: 

Advanced Retail Technology, Inc.  
Aerojet Electro Systems Company  
Aeronautical Accessories  
Airborne CCTV, Division of Puritan-Bennett Aero Systems/Nellcor  
Ampex Corporation, Computer Products Division  
American Nucleonics Corporation  
APS Systems  
Arco Solar Inc., Division of Atlantic Richfield Company  
Arral Industries  
AVICOM International  
Avtel Corporation, Division of Aertronics, Inc.  
B/E Aerospace, Avionics Division  
Beckman Instruments, Inc.  
Bell & Howell, Video Division/AVICOM  
Bell & Howell, Instrumentation Division  
Bermite, Division of Tasker Industries  
BHK Inc.  
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.  
Canavco, Inc.  
Cartwright Engineering Incorporated  
Chatsworth Data Systems  
Clary Instruments Company  
Conrac Corporation, Systems-West Division  
Continental Telecommunications Corporation, Division of Continental Telephone Company  
Cubic Corporation  
Data Products Corporation  
Dowty Corporation, Resdel Engineering Division  
DRS Sensor Systems  
DRS Optronics, Inc.  
EECO Incorporated  
EEMCO Division of Datron Systems, Inc.  
Electronics Resources, Inc.  
Electronics Specialty Company  
Electro Optics Systems, Division of Xerox Corporation  
Elgar Corporation, Division of Onan, Inc./McGraw Edison  
Honeywell, Inc., Defense & Electronics Division  
Honeywell, Inc., Marine Systems Center  
Hydro-Aire Division of The Crane Company  
Incosym, Inc., Division of Textron Corporation  
Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc.  
Infodetics, Inc.  
International Telephone & Telegraph, Cannon Electric Division  
Kinelogic Corporation  
Lear Siegler, Inc., Astronics Division  
Librascope Division of Singer Aerospace & Marine Systems  
Litton Data Systems Division  
Lockheed Electronics Company, Division of Lockheed Aircraft Company  
Magnavox Electronics Systems Company, West Coast Division  
MagneTek Defense Systems Corporation  
McDonnell Douglas Corporation  
Naval Ship Missile Systems Engineering, Systems Effectiveness Division  
Ocean Technology, Inc.  
Odetics, Inc., Spaceborne, Kode and Omutec Divisions  
Odetics, Inc., Advanced Intelligent Machines Division  
Optivus Technologies, Inc.  
Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Applied Science Division  
Pertec Computer Corporation  
Pressure Systems, inc.  
Phaostron Instrument and Electronics Company, Division of Sterling Electronics, Inc.  
Radtec, Inc./Division of Guide Scientific Company  
Sargent-Fletcher Company  
Sargent Industries  
Science Applications, Inc.  
Sierracin Corporation/Sylmar Division  
Signal Design, inc.  
Static Power, Inc., Division of Gates Rubber Company  
Tasker Industries/Whittaker Corporation  
Teledyne Control Electronic Safety Products  
Teledyne Control  
Teledyne Electronic Technologies  
Transco Products, Inc.  
US Naval Metrology Engineering Center  
Vari-L Company, Inc.  
Volt Technical  
Xerox Electro-Optical System Corporation  

Nuclear Power Generating Station Equipment Qualification for the following nuclear Projects:
1.   Bechtel/Georgia Power Company, Vogtle Plant - Units 1 & 2  
2.   General Electric/Illinois Power Company, Clinton Plant - Unit 1  
3.   Condec/Bechtel, Taiwan Power Company, Maanshan Plant - Units 1 & 2  
4.   Exide/Stone & Webster, Niagra Mohawk Power Corp., Nine Mile Point Plant - Unit 2  
5.   Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, Gulf States Utilities Company, River Bend Station No. 1  
6.   Georgia Institute of Technology/Georgia Power Company, Edwin I., Hatch Nuclear Power Plant  
7.   Overseas Bechtel, Inc./Korea Electric Power Company, Korea Nuclear - Units 5 & 6  
8.   Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation/Duquesne Light Company, Beaver Valley Power Station - Unit No. 2
9.   United Engineers & Constructors/Public Service Company of New Hampshire, Seabrook Station - Units 1 & 2
10.  Gilbert Associates/Cleveland Electric  Illuminating Company, Perry Nuclear Power Plant - Units 1 & 2
11.  Ebasco Services, Inc./Florida Power & Light Company, St. Lucie Plant - Units 1 & 2
12.  Bechtel Energy Corporation/Houston Light & Power, South Texas Nuclear Power Plant
13.  Ebasco Services/Louisiana Light & Power Company Waterford Nuclear Power Plant
14.  United Engineers & Constructors, Inc./New York Power Authority, Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant No. 3
15.  Bechtel Power Corporation/Arizona Public Service Company, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station - Units 1, 2 & 3
16.  UNC Nuclear Industries/Department of Energy (DOE), Richland, Washington, Nuclear Power Plant

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